Welcome to The Sweetest Plantain!

My name is Cristina, I was born and raised in Ecuador. Therefore my love for all things plantain.

I moved to Springfield, MO back in 2012 to attend college. I had the best experience ever, however I always struggled finding and committing to a healthy lifestyle. *hello freshman 15*

Once I graduated in 2014 and got my own apartment, I fell in love with having my very own kitchen and experimenting with new ingredients, gadgets & recipes. It was here when I actually enjoyed grocery shopping and reading EVERYTHING on products’s labels.

Today, I continue to live in the “Show Me State” but now I share the kitchen with my husband (best roomie ever). And lucky me, he LOVES plantains and cooking with me.

Anyways, I wanted to create this space for a while as my recipe box is overflowing. Hopefully, it inspires you (and me) to prepare more homemade meals and nourish our bodies with wholesome foods 🙂

Please try & share the recipes!


PS. Este blog might get Spanglish from time to time.